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Be Aware: Text Scam - IRS Stimulus Checks

A new scam has emerged regarding stimulus checks from the IRS. Fraudsters are sending a text to individuals stating they have received a direct deposit of $1,200 from the COVID-19 TREAS Fund and asks recipients to click on the link to accept the payment.

The link will direct you to a fraudulent websitethat looks like the actual (Get My Payment) website. The fake website will request your “personal and financial account information” vs. the actual IRS website which will specifically ask for Social Security number, date of birth, and bank account information.

The IRS does not send texts or emails to individuals.

If you receive one of these scam texts, it is recommended you report it to Please include a screenshot of the text plus the day and time the message was received, the phone number the text came from, and the phone number receiving the message.

Should you click on the link and follow the instructions resulting in personal information being shared, please contact us at (208) 454-4286 or service@simplotecu.comfor assistance. Valuable information and resources can also be found at